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Don’t miss series 5 starting tomorrow @4:45 on CITV!

Series 5 starting Wednesday 15th October 4:45pm!

That’s right kids, series 5 of Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge will begin on CITV and ITV on Wednesday 15th October at 4:45pm!

Laura Hamilton and Andy Akinwolere return with 5 brand new teams of teenagers who will battle it out each week through a series of grueling, terrifying and death defying challenges. But who will be crowned the winners and Champions of the Fort?!

Stay tuned for information on the new series soon!


Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge is back for a fifth series!

Foundation TV is producing a fifth series of the exciting, action-based TV game show Fort Boyard. The show is filmed in the legendary fortress off the French coast. Are you brave enough to take on the challenges of The Fort?

Are you 12-18 years old? Are you sporty? Are you fearless? Do you like a challenge?

Fort Boyard needs adventurous teenagers to take on some incredible and exciting challenges!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of this thrilling game show then download complete and return the application form from the link below.

If you are under 18 years of age you will need your parent’s permission to apply.

Your parent/legal guardian MUST sign your completed application form or it will not be considered

Filming takes place in France between 22nd June – 27th June 2014.

You must be available for the entire period and be happy to be away from home, without your parents for a week.

If you haven’t heard back by 20th JUNE 2014 then unfortunately, your application has been unsuccessful.

Click to download: application form (word .doc format) 
Return by e-mail to:
Applications closing date: 19th May 2014
Audition/Casting period: TBA
Age restriction applies: Applicants must be 12 - 18 years old
Terms and Conditions: Full Programme Recruitment/Application Terms and Conditions apply. See Application Form form for programme specific details

Additional information:

Send application form to or post to

Fort Boyard – Zodiak Media
Gloucester Building
Kensington Village
Avonmore Road
London W14 8RF

Season 5 filming this summer!

Who’s ready for a 5th season of Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge? 

Stay tuned for more information on casting soon!

Laura joins The Jump on Channel 4!


Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge’s very own Laura Hamilton joins the line-up of celebrities taking part in Channel 4’s new series The Jump.

The show will see celebrities compete in different winter Olympic events, including a live ski jump each night.

Joining Laura in lycra is former Fort Boyard presenter and Glamour Model Melinda Messenger, Anthea Turner, Simon Cowel ex girlfriend Sinitta and TOWIE’s Amy Childs. The men are made up of Ritchie Neville, Marcus Brigstocke, Nicky Clarke, Henry Conway, Darren Gough, and cricket player Sir Steve Redgrave.

Tune in to Channel 4 at 8pm on Sunday 26th January.

Don’t miss the launch of all new Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge, tomorrow at 08:30 on CITV and ITV.

Kicking off this years tournament, the Blue Sharks battle the Yellow Scorpions all the while being watched by the forts ferocious tigers!

The blue Sharks take on the yellow Scorpions!

Don’t miss the launch of new Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge this Sunday 20th October at 8:30am on CITV and ITV! Kicking off the tournament are the blue Sharks and yellow Scorpions, but who will be victorious in the treasure chamber guarded by tigers?!


Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge returns to CiTV in October.  A brand new series of the high-octane, adventure tournament debuts on CiTV on Sunday 20th October at 8.30pm and will be aired weekly.

Hosted by Laura Hamilton and Andy Akinwolere and filmed entirely on location on a 19th century Fort in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Fort Boyard’s vast catalogue of over 100 games ensures no show is ever the same.

The new series features a new generation of young adventurers (aged 13 - 16), taking on the legendary Napoleonic Fortress and all of its fearsome challenges in an epic tournament to be crowned ‘Ultimate Conquerors of the Fort’.

On today’s show (Sunday 20th October, 8.30am) the blue Sharks battle it out with the yellow Scorpions to grab as many gold coins as possible from under the watchful eyes of the Fort’s tigers. 

Featuring brand new challenges, such as Dizzy Dash and Hammocks, and old favourites like Raft Race and Snake Pit, the contestants must win as many keys as possible before ultimately racing each other for coins and glory in the Treasure Chamber.

Tune-in to Fort Boyard – the ultimate adventure challenge for kids.

Every Sunday at 8.30 am - only on CiTV.

Fort Boyard is produced by leading UK production company, The Foundation for CiTV.

Laura Hamilton - Season 4 Q&A!

Given that the premier of season 4 is coming up on the 20th October, we caught up with Laura Hamilton, presenter of Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge to ask her your submitted questions via the Facebook and Twitter pages, what it’s like working with Andy  and what she’s really scared of! 

1. Firstly we’d like to say welcome back to Fort Boyard! You finished filming a fourth season of Ultimate Challenge back in June; how does it feel to know that a new format of the game show has been such a huge success and attracted so many new fans around the world? 

I absolutely love being part of the show. Every year it gets better and hopefully everyone will love this series even more than the previous ones.

2. Since our last Q&A session you’ve been joined by Andy Akinwolere as your new co-host. What’s it like to work with Andy?

Andy is great fun and we have a brilliant rapport.  Filming the series involves working long hours and takes a lot of energy so its great to work with someone who has the same mind set as me and is as passionate about the show as I am.

3. Question from Dale McClung (Facebook): Are there any rule changes like the ones made to the treasure room in series 3?

I don’t think there are any rule changes this year but there is an addition - the tigers!

4. Question from Manc_Mike (Twitter): Have you ever fancied having a go on the show, or one game? If so, which game would you try? 

I have tried a couple of the games and they are so hard.  I tried Cylinders, Jars, and Rocking The Boat. Although i’m an adrenalin junkie/dare devil, i’m not good with creepy crawlies so I don’t think I’d try games that involve those. Sewers In The Dark looks terrifying!

5. Question from Adam Fowler (Facebook): How do you encourage the teams when they do a hard challenge?

I constantly tell them how brave they are.  To be honest the Fort  is such an amazing place to be and they realise that. As soon as they get there, their adrenalin is pumping and they are full of energy ready to take on any challenge they face.  It’s always harder than they think though!

6. What is the hardest thing about filming Fort Boyard?

We film the entire series in 5 days so for us it is probably the length of the filming days.  It’s all over so quickly though and everyone always wishes we could do more.

7. For the 1st time in “Ultimate Challenge” the tigers have been introduced. Did you get close and personal with them and how does their presence add to the show?

The only person allowed in their cage is Monique their handler, but you can get up pretty close.  They are totally mesmerising and incredible animals.  It’s amazing to watch Monique controlling them - we were in awe of her.  When the tigers roar the sound is indescribable!


8. Each year the Fort introduces new challenges, which one is your favorite this year?

Laundry room is very entertaining but I won’t give too much away.

9. The Fort is home to more than just tigers, are there any creatures that you wouldn’t like to encounter?

I couldn’t touch the scorpions or spiders - that challenge would be a big NO NO for me!

10. If Fort Boyard did a celebrity special, who would be your dream team?

I don’t think I would have a dream team - I would just totally respect anyone who put themselves forward to take on the Fort. A celeb version would be great!


Season 4 of Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge launches on Sunday 20th October at 8:30am on CITV and ITV1

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