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Laura Hamilton Interview!

Laura Hamilton

We had the pleasure of asking Laura Hamilton, one of the presenters of Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge, some questions about what viewers can expect from the new series, her experiences while filming and what challenges she got to try for herself!


1.      Were you aware of Fort Boyard before accepting the role of presenting the new series? If so, what were your memories of the original show? Have you watched any other versions made for different countries also?  

Yes I remember watching a few episodes of the show.  I remembered Dirty Den from Eastenders!!

2.       What attracted you to take on this presenting role?  

Its a great challenge show, where contestants are pushed to their limits, both mentally and physically and also an opportunity for people to overcome their fears. Fort Boyard is the worlds most successful game show so it was an honour to be asked.  

3.       What were your first thoughts on your initial visit to the Fort?  

It is an incredible place, you feel like you are going back thousands of years!

4.       Can you tell us about your co-presenter Geno? What was he like to work with? I hear you lost him at the airport?!  

Geno has the deepest voice you will ever hear - a very apt character for the fort. He was great fun.  He forgot what the time was at the airport and got carried away buying accessories for his IPad and nearly missed the flight!  Haha… he was like a big kid.

5.       Were you given the chance to try out any of the challenges? If so, which one(s)?  

I had a go at a few of the challenges in the cells, ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Cylinders’, ‘Punch Bag’ and ‘Chopsticks’.  They were all tough!  I would love to had a go at the cable kayak and bungee but there just wasn’t time.

6.       Did you have a favourite challenge?  

My favourite challenge for the contestants was the ‘Cable Kayak’, it looked great fun.  I think the toughest was the ‘Unstable Chair’.

7.       Fort Boyard as a format has changed many times and adopted for each country across Europe. How will the new “teenage” version differ from the original well-known format for adults?

It is very similar.  The main differences are there are no tigers and its fast past challenge after challenge without any of the characters.

8.       If ITV were to commission a prime-time version with adult contestants as before, would you like to continue with presenting the show, and is there anyone famous you would like to see take part as a contestant?  

I would love that.  I have so many friends that I think would make great contestants, as far as celebrities go I can’t think of anyone in particular.

9.       What was your typical day of filming like? What time did you arrive at the Fort and how many shows did you film a day for example?

We filmed 2 series (20 Episodes) in 10 days.  We would leave the hotel at 7am and sometimes not get back til 9pm.

10.   The teams are made up of a mixture of British and American kids. How did this affect the dynamics of the teams?  Did they work well together?

The teams were brilliant and all bonded and worked together really well.

11.   The Fort is inhabited by a number of creepy crawlies, were there any you weren’t too fond of?  

I couldn’t do any of the spider/snake or scorpion challenges.  I have massive respect to those who did them!!

A huge thank you to Laura for taking time to answer these questions. Look out for more interviews on the new series soon!


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